Aaron here

If I had been thinking properly, I would have pulled up Greg’s Facebook profile on my cell phone, held it aloft between us, and had Frank take a picture. It wouldn’t have been quite the same as having all three of us there together, but it would have accurately reflected that all three Nerds were at least together in the same room in spirit.

Over the Christmas break, Karen took some time out of her frantic traveling schedule to get together with me and have dinner and a couple of drinks while we, for the first time since high school, had a lively film discussion in person. I met her boyfriend Frank. We talked about Aquaman (they enjoyed it, I didn’t). We talked about Bohemian Rhapsody (they enjoyed it, I didn’t). We talked about why The Favorite might be the best movie Karen has seen all year. We’re certain that Greg’s ears began to itch a time or two because he knew, even in Minnesota, that we were talking about him (Greg is sensitive to Steven Spielberg references even from hundreds of miles away).

It was wonderful to see her.

During our conversation we talked about the future of our blog. We agreed that we’re both exceedingly proud that we got this blog started and have continued to maintain it as long as we have. This month– January of 2019– marks our sixth month of this endeavor. We’ve had four movies of the month so far. We’ve spotlighted favorite actors, favorite films, favorite memories of our experience with the art of cinema. And it doesn’t end here. . . We have plans to include even more content over the coming year. We’re having fun with this project and don’t really want the fun to end.

With that said, movie blogs are time-consuming animals. They require maintenance and nurturing. You have to feed them and care for them when they are sick. And you have to make sure they get plenty of rest when they need it. Just like you do with people. For this reason, we have taken a break this month from our regular format and have opted to not spotlight a film in January to be our Movie of the Month.

One, we’re tired. Karen has spent a good chunk of the month traveling and the demands of Greg and mine’s respective jobs are especially gigantic this time of year. The collaboration that goes into a group entry like our normal Movie of the Month entries seemed daunting and infeasible.

Which actually works out. Sort of. Because . . . Two, we decided many months ago (thanks to an idea from Karen) that we wanted to spend the first month of the year talking about obscure films. We’ve talked about under-appreciated films, but not obscure. The movies that are so far below anybody’s radar that we consistently find that we are the only person who has ever seen them. How do we pick an obscure Movie of the Month? We’re never going to collectively agree on a choice because obscurity, by its very definition, means that whatever movie one of us comes up with has, more than likely, never been seen by the other two. So we’re gonna skip it this month, spend the rest of the month recommending that you seek out movies that you might not be able to find, and then we’ll be back in February with our first Movie of the Month for 2019. (Spoiler alert: It will probably be somehow Valentine’s Day-themed)

I’ll be back next week with an entry about a thought-provoking (and obscure) foreign film. And– tease tease tease– it’s not obscure because it’s foreign.

Until then, we want to take an opportunity to thank each and every one of our readers for your support over the last six months. We are very proud of the work we are doing here and hope that you will continue to enjoy the fruits of our labor throughout the coming year.

Speaking of . . . Happy New Year! I probably should have started there.

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