The Journey Begins

Welcome to our blog.

Please pardon our dust. We just opened, so we’re still remodeling. Working out the kinks. Finding a suitable rhythm that works for all three of us.

There are three of us here. We went to high school together and reconnected years later through the wonder of social media (perhaps proving, in a small way, that Facebook is good for something). Through many “what have you been up to?” conversations, we quickly realized that movies and film and talking about them were so ingrained in our individual personalities that it’s difficult to fathom that we didn’t spend more time together in high school.

Aaron graduated first, almost a quarter century ago. He still lives about thirty minutes from the small farming community where the three of us first met. He claims that his favorite movie is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but is well-known for changing that movie to Pulp Fiction without warning or provocation.
Butch Cassidy and the sundance kid 1968 George Roy Hill Paul Newman Robert Redford
Greg graduated the following year. He eventually wound up in Minnesota, where he still lives to this day. His favorite movie is E.T, The Extra-Terrestrial and never once have we ever heard him say anything that even remotely suggests that he may be changing his mind.
The year after Greg, Karen graduated. She lived in Chicago for a time, but now makes her home in Los Angeles. She has a hard time picking a favorite movie, but seems to have settled on Meet Me In St. Louis, prompting both Aaron and Karen to insist that Greg really, really, really needs to see this movie.
Regardless, though, of our current statistics and personal information, the three of us agreed on one thing right away: Film criticism today is steeped in negativity. As the three of us had our various conversations about film, we were struck by how easy it was to avoid talking about the movies that we don’t like. We also discovered that, in most cases, even a movie that we didn’t like had some redeeming quality. We have elected to adopt this approach to our endeavor. We want this to be an enjoyable site to visit. The real world can be kinda depressing; we get it. And you certainly don’t need us adding to it with long-winded diatribes about movies that we’d rather die than watch a second time. We’re gonna keep it positive here. So that it’s fun.

With that said, each of us, in addition to writing content for this site, have real lives. We have chores and responsibilities and jobs that demand our time. We have dogs to walk and cats to feed. One of us has children. But we want the content of the site to remain fresh and updated consistently, so we decided to work on a rotation. We’ll take turns. Our hope for now is that the site can be updated weekly with new content (written by one of us)– a review, an essay, an experience. This makes each of us responsible for only one week’s worth of content per month and will make all of us less stressed-out and cranky (SEE: previous paragraph, where we talk about how this is supposed to be fun!).

With both of the preceding things in mind, new content will begin on this site on Friday, August 10, 2018. The first person in our rotation will upload new content, hopefully inciting vibrant discussion amongst ourselves and our readers. The second person in our rotation will take the following week; the third person, the next. Easy, right? From there, we’ll continue our rotation. We will devote the first week of each month to a collaborative effort in which we highlight a specific film. There may be additional content throughout the week. We might all three review the same movie. Maybe we’ll make a list of recommend movies that fit a theme. We could even post movie-related opinions to questions posed by readers. Like we said, we don’t know. It’s up in the air. Still working out the kinks, remember?

At any rate, we’ve taken up enough of your time for one day. Be sure to check back here on Friday for new content. In fact, if you search for us on Facebook, you can “like” us, and we’ll let you know when new content appears.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Aaron, Karen, and Greg





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